Radical Professor Bob Statchen

Supports an Extreme Version of the Malloy Agenda

Radical professor Bob Statchen supports positions far outside the mainstream that reflect an
extreme version of the Malloy agenda that has wrought havoc on Connecticut’s economy.

An Extreme Government Takeover of Healthcare

Statchen supports an extreme government takeover of health care that would take away private insurance plans, reduce options, increase medical costs, and explode the deficit. 1

Job-Crushing Tax Hikes and More Government

Statchen’s radical plan for a government takeover of health care would cost billions of dollars — leading to massive tax hikes on struggling Connecticut families.

Statchen supports forced regionalization, that would break-up communities, add a third level of government and hike taxes $900 million.2

Statchen also wants a repeal of tax cuts that save middle-income families in eastern Connecticut over $2,700 a year.3

Devastating Mandates for Small Businesses and Workers

Statchen supports radical Hartford mandates that would devastate small businesses in eastern Connecticut.2

Tolls on Connecticut Families

Statchen supports tolls, including for Connecticut residents, that would disproportionately harm workers who use highways to get to and from work.1

Opposes Reform — Supports Special Interests and the Status Quo

Statchen opposes reform of special interest contracts that have pushed Connecticut into perpetual fiscal crisis.4

Eastern Connecticut Can’t Afford Bob Statchen’s

Radical, Malloy-Inspired Policies.

On November 6th

Vote NO on Radical Professor Bob Statchen

And His Extreme Version of the Malloy Agenda